FEWER JE cases this year

GUWAHATI: Despite there being 389 cases of Japanese encephalitis (JE) cases and 73 deaths being recorded this year, chief minister Tarun Gogoi made known on Monday that enough precaution measures were taken to simmer down the spread of the disease.
The disease had pronounced the death of over 160 lives in the previous year, pressuring the state government to fixate attention on vaccinating young persons under 15 across 11 localities, and adults across three localities in March. Gogoi said the number of deaths resulting from JE this year was lower than the recording taken in the last two years and ascribed it to the preventive measures tried by the state health department. He added that he state government wanted to carry on with the adult vaccination programme in the remaining localities in the country.
“Test facilities for JE have been increased in the districts. Even malaria cases have decreased this year,” Gogoi said.
Since the last two days, the state broadcasted 24 new JE cases. Seven persons died in the same epoch. Jorhat district was impacted the most with 10 casualties with 21 JE-positive reports.
Entomologists said some of the victims appeared for treatment subsequential to their condition being deteriorated beyond help. This was monitored and discussed by health officials and entomologists at a gathering with a two team members of the Union health ministry that visited Assam last week.
“We need to educate people on the signs and symptoms of JE. They should opt for treatment immediately on showing the symptoms,” said B C Bhagawati, state surveillance officer of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme.
Date: 2015, 28 July

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