10 cases confirmed in Taiwan

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) reported 7 confirmed new Japanese encephalitis cases, including 5 in Tainan City and 2 in Yunlin County during June 23 and 29, 2015.

Thus far this year, an accumulative total of 10 Japanese encephalitis cases were confirmed. Which is an increase from the previous year, whereby 9 cases were confirmed during this period.

The five new confirmed cases in Tainan City respectively reside in Xinshi District, Guantian District, Jiangjun District, Annan District, and Jiali District. The two new cases that were confirmed in Yunlin County, both live in Douliu City. The cases’ age range between 42 and 59 years old, and their onset dates range between June 4 and June 22. Some of the common symptoms experienced by the cases include fever and change of consciousness. Currently, all 7 cases are hospitalized for treatment. Just like the previous cases, the epidemiological investigation revealed that all 7 cases have not traveled overseas recently. However, there were pigeon and pig farms, and rice paddy fields within the 2 km radius of the cases’ residences. Thus, it is inferred that the source of infection is in the vicinity of the cases’ residences.  At present, none of the cases’ household members have experienced any symptoms.

Date: 2015, July 1

Source: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/english/info.aspxtreeid=BC2D4E89B154059B&nowtreeid=EE0A2987CFBA3222&tid=BA1C8D08FDE8CA3D


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