Its the first case in Taiwan!

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) has disclosed Taiwan’s first case of Japanese encephalitis for the year. The patient is a 31-year-old housewife who resides in southern Taiwan. On on June 2 she visited the clinic upon developing a headache and fever. She admitted to a hospital’s intensive care unit on June 4 after the symptoms persisted and were accompanied by dizziness and vomiting.

Japanese encephalitis was confirmed in the case, on June 10. As of June 13, she still remains unconscious at the hospital.

The epidemiological investigation revealed that the case had not recently traveled abroad. However, within the 2km radius from the case’s house, there were pigeon and pig farms, and rice paddy fields. Hence, it is concluded that the source of infection is near the case’s house. As to date, none of her housemate experienced any symptoms.

According to Taiwan CDC’s surveillance data, the total numbers of confirmed Japanese encephalitis cases between 2010 and 2014,  are 33, 22, 32, 16 and 18, respectively. Japanese encephalitis in Taiwan occurs annually between May and October, and it usually peaks between June and July.

As we enter July in a few days time, please friends, if you are going on a holiday to Taiwan (or any other infected countries), please get vaccinated!!

Date: 2015, June 13



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